The heroine of this story. The first ever transfer student in the 100-year history of Belles Fleurs Academy. An extremely positive character. She has always dreamed getting into Belles Fleurs, with its beautiful Grand Garden. In order to restore peace and harmony to the Academy, she sets out on fantastc adventures with her friends.

Base Stats

  • HP: 76
  • STR: 12
  • VIT: 12
  • MAG: 10
  • WIL: 10

Skill Details

Skill 1
Blossom Flare

A flower-shaped energy wave. It causes damage to monsters in the 8 surrounding squares, Power doubled when own HP is at 50% or less.
Learn By: Hinata, Sunbathing

Skills 2 132x198-0

Botanical Blaze

A floral love blast that deals heavy damage to all enemies in the room, ignoring defense. Power doubled when own HP is at 50% or less.
Learn By: Legendary Hinata

Skill 3 132x198

Apple Healing

Restores Belly by 20% and 50 HP for all allies in the room. Take a break with a rose-shaped, Hinata-baked apple pie.
Learn By: Windwhistler Hinata

Skill 4 132x198

Blooming Heart

Restores 50% of HP for all allies in the room and boosts Physical Attack and Physical Defense for 5 turns. It is a testament to Hinata's kindness.
Learn By: Limbo Dance!

Passive 132x165

Growth Spurt

Slightly increases the experience earned from enemies.
Learn By: Hinata, Sunbathing

Passive 132x198

Unbreakable Heart

If her HP are above a certain amount, Hinata will endure, with 1 HP left, any attack that would have reduced her HP to 0.
Learn By: Legendary Hinata

Passive 132x165


May restore some HP when affected by a negative status condition.
Learn By: Windwhistler Hinata

Bust Sizes

Size M

Size L

Size LL

Size Z

Hinata M Crop
Hinata L Crop
Hinata LL Crop
Hinata Z Crop

Skill Blooms

  • Hinata, Sunbathing
  • Legendary Hinata
  • Windwhistler Hinata
  • Limbo Dance!


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