Nako Mito

Nako Mito of the Character of the Omega Labyrinth.


Omega Labyrinth

Aina Akemiya's best friend who can cook well. In contrast to my best friend Aina, he has a plump breast. Aina says that nutrition is all or not going on boobs. Often I often take action together with my best friend Aina and get involved in trouble .... I am invited by Aina this time to challenge the dungeon, but it got separated from Aina early ....

Omega Labyrinth Z

Aina's best friend and the most understanding person. Exercise is not good at it, but for food it has professional skills. Aina is a friend from elementary school and is also a support for the mind. It is optimistic and natural at any time. It is becoming a mood maker to harmonize the party from its personality.