Rio Akanezaki

Rio Akanezaki of the Character of the Omega Labyrinth Z.


The other protagonist of Omega Labyrinth Z. She hates rules such as school regulations, and considers teachers to be a troublesome existence. She wears a blue uniform different from the red uniform worn by other students. She has a complex about her big chest. It was her dream to use the Holy Grail of Beauty, which can make any wish come true, to make her chest smaller, but the Holy Grail was destroyed by Aina. Now that her wish is impossible, Rio has become hostile towards Aina.

Persona Data

  • Height: 164cm (5'5)
  • 3 Sizes: 98cm(38in)/62cm(24in)/88cm(34in)
  • Cup Size: G-Cup (DDD-Cup)
  • Birthday: 12/31